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  • Jo Litra

Why 3D scanning is useless...without engineering expertise

Knowledge and experience are crucial for excellent engineering, but reliable data is substantial to control the results. On the other hand, high-quality data is worth nothing, if you don’t know how to use it correctly. The knowledge of an expert is enhanced by technology and vice versa.

At Mapeex, we´re offering all in one: High precision laser scanning and reverse engineering, because we believe that to provide a benefit that goes beyond simple data acquisition, you must be qualified, first, in engineering.

Mapeex’ 3D scanning activities started over three years ago, and are growing as the scanner technology evolves: Mapeex uses a 3D blue laser scanner, capable of high accuracy (25 micron) and resolution (0.1 mm) digitalisation.

And when you engineer racing solutions, you must know which material to select, how to optimize the geometry of a part, the production method to get the part right etc. You must know about the tolerances that must be applied and make sure they are achievable. This is essential experience to have when doing a reverse engineering exercise.

This is what qualifies us at Mapeex to serve our clients best for their specific reverse engineering requirements: We have already supported companies in the fields of Yacht industry, Motorsport, Automotive, Architecture, Aero and more.

Possibilities are endless as are fields of application such as

· Material analysis

· 3D Modeling

· Photorealistic 3D Modeling

· Inspection

· CAD drawings

· Environment Integration

· Production (from panel of supplier)

Also, its 2019 Motorsport award winning partner, Airshaper specialized in CFD, tops up the panel of solution designed for you to extract the best performance out of your product.

Mapeex Ltd is known for their expertise in bringing winning technical solutions: Customers victories in both races and championships are the best track records to support this.

Mapeex’ philosophy is simple: Products must be designed in way that clients don’t have to choose between reliability and Performance.

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