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The scanning process can be executed using different technologies.

We chose to go for only the best scanner, because we don’t want to chance your result.

We focus on quality, the same way, to provide accurate CAD models, and production information.

In addition to 3D scanning we offer data post treatment, using the best CAD software to provide uncompromised results.

The scanned data are post processed by our experienced engineers, who know best how to use the dedicated software. It is an expertise which is topped up by a strong mechanical engineering background, and an impressive track record of successful application at highest level of motorsport.

We create the model, looking at the application, the material, the use of the parts, and account for any additional need you may have.

Once the model is created, we produce the manufacturing drawings, always using our production engineering skills.

The documents we create are also to be used as reference to check the final quality of the model.

We know a lot, but if we need to know more, we liaise directly with qualified industrial experts, who would advise best as to which information they need to get you the best quality.

We work on single, simple parts but also on complex assemblies (e.g. complete vehicles).

We are quite flexible, and can provide either scan, 3D modelling or production drawings.

Because we know the business well enough, we also know that scanning companies can’t always provide you with reverse engineering.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • 3D scanning,

  • Reverse engineering

  • Production documentation

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