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Mapeex expands its business to serve the European market

British firm Mapeex Ltd. has established a European Unit based in Kerpen, near Cologne, Germany. The newly founded company Mapeex Europe GmbH will focus on serving clients from different premium market industries.

The Motorsport division will serve racing organisations in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Mapeex offers a broad range of products and services for Motorsport Teams such as bespoke transmission design and manufacturing, bespoke testing machinery, spare parts reconstruction, 3D Digitalisation and Reverse Engineering, as well as data validation services.

“Mapeex has been involved in Motorsports for 20 years. Over the last ten years of business, we have detected a growing demand on the continent for specialised products and services that the standard market can not offer. The new company will allow us to serve our European customers much faster. Our state-of-the-art equipment, know-how and supplier network in Europe will help our clients to achieve their vision of excellence” says director of Mapeex Europe, Jocelyn Litra.

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